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On this page I want to walk you through the process of how to make money blogging. The 3 best things I ever did for my writing career were (a) ditching ‘writing sites’ for good, (b) creating my own writer website and putting my previous work on there, and (c) using Linkedin to find the sort of clients I wanted to write for – and target them with emails.

I wish it was a few years ago (or even the 80’s) when interest rates were up. If they were, then this exercise would be really easy because all we’d have to do to retire on 500K is either buy a high yield fixed income annuity or a few long-term government bonds.

For online furniture consignment, try sites such as Chairish , which lets you sell your used or vintage furniture and home decor and earn up to 80% of the resale value, or AptDeco (only available in New York City and surrounding areas as well as the Washington, D.C. market), which helps you sell used home furnishings and earn up to 86% of the resale value.

Teaching you to lead a Rich Life means helping you to spend money on the things you love – whether it’s eating at your favorite restaurants, going on holiday or spending $21,000 a year on going out I’ll show you 5 reasons why making extra money is better than frugality And I’ll give you proven ways to make money – tactics, case studies and psychological techniques that hundreds of my students have used to make extra money, negotiate a higher salary or choose a new career.

A Nigerian prince/widow/businessman/orphan/king writes to you saying he must deposit a vast amount of money in the U.S. while he deals with political issues, and he would like to use your account to do so. He’ll even pay you a nice sum to make it happen!

Accredited investors, who can access private equity and venture capital, may want to consider cannabis-related funds, such as Seattle-based Privateer Holdings , which recently paid the Bob Marley family to use the singer’s name on a line of products, or investment managers, such as MedMen , a cannabis consultant in Los Angeles that recently opened the MedMen Opportunity Fund.

For perpetual optimists look at the extra possibilities that big savings bring you- it’d be a shame if you hit upon some fantastic business idea, then couldn’t risk upsetting the paycheck to paycheck applecart to pursue it due to lack of financial cushion.

I was always looking for an online typing job but read about so many typing scams out there that I was scared.I finally just said ”What the heck” so I tried it and boy am I glad I did!I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received my first check for $713.23 doing next to nothing!

Even as a rookie, with no headhunting experience, by working systematically, speaking to 20 candidate/managers per day – you will pick up vacancies that you’re able to fill and if you can sell them on a retainer basis then the money is in the bank immediately.

Obviously this requires some awareness of your actual spending and how to reduce it. But we find that it isn’t too hard to make it work without that money, yet it probably wouldn’t be left at the end of the month if we didn’t put it where we wanted it right off the bat.

For example, the Licensed Battlefield Guides of Gettysburg , the Pennsylvania site of one of the greatest battles of the American Civil War, are licensed and regulated by the National Park Service and are the only individuals legally allowed to conduct visitors around the national park for a fee.

To give a positive review for any product, use it first or read extensively about the product, reviews provided by domain authoritarians who have a history of being impartial and fair in their assessments (Your eventual aim should be to make your site in their image).

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